Medical team

The success of our treatments and interventions is due to the team of professionals trained specifically in each of our areas of focus. We have brought together a multidisciplinary team of specialists in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of diseases of the digestive tract.

Clinica Serralta’s quality is the result of the coordination between our specialists, the protocolization of processes and the individualization of procedures. Thus, physicians, radiologists, anesthesiologists, nutritionists, surgeons and other specialists work together to provide the highest quality attention at all times.

  • Dra. Andrea Peris Jiménez
    (Español) Implantología General y Prótesis
  • Dra. Ana Jorques Zafrilla
    (Español) Endodoncia
  • Dra. Alba Urdaneta
    Dr. Javier Zirio Parra
    (Español) Odontología General
  • Dra. Ana Sánchez Albero
    (Español) Ortodoncia
  • Yurena González López
    (Español) Higiene Dental
  • Jordi Martínez Arrebola
    (Español) Higiene y Prótesis Dental
  • Dr. Alfonso Serralta Serra
    Director Grupo Serralta
  • Dra. Mirja Rissi
    (Español) Dra. Mirja Ornella Rissi Lara
    (Español) Odontología General
  • Dra. Belén Vidal
    (Español) Dra. Belén Vidal Cuñat
    (Español) Implantología General

Patient service

Our patient care team offers you the maximum availability and accessibility to our medical services to guarantee you the most personalized service. Its main mission is to guide the patient in the planning and organization of consultations starting from your first visit to your definitive discharge date. The speed of doctor-patient coordination and the effectiveness in resolving our patients’ doubts and questions are the main pillars in Clinicas Serralta.

Patient service

(+34) 961 135 180 / 628 251 128 · Hours: Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00 and Friday from 10:00 to 14:00